• Color Cherry Tree
  • Color Fall River
  • Color French Blue
  • Color Homers Plum
  • Color Kris Kringle
  • Color Lapis
  • Color Cherry Tree
  • Color Ray of Sun
  • Color Sequin Red
  • Color Shutter Green
  • Color Turquoise Jewel
  • Color Wild Rice

Furniture Color Palette

Handcrafted by Residents of Renaissance House

Large Pine Chair or rocker: $159.00

Ottomans and Tables: $59.00

Medium Rocker or Chair: $139

Small Pine Chair(grandchild chair): $119.00

Small Ottoman for grandchild chair: $49

Porch Swings: $195.00 ($245.00 with chains)

Pine Glider: $379.00

Double-seated Bench: $259.00

Double-seated Rocker: $279.00

Tall Table: $100.00

Tall Chairs: $95.00

Tall Table w/ Two Chairs: $280.00

All Furniture is made to order. Multiple standard colors are available (colors represented may not be exact due to variations in lighting and monitor settings). Visit the gallery or call Belleza to order and arrange your furniture pickup or local delivery. Furniture will not be shipped.