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Barbara Ross

Her art career began informally at age 6, and her passion for art has never wavered. Her artistic batteries are often charge when simply talking about art and painting. “I don’t start with an idea and put it down. I let the ideas take shape as I apply the paint, “ she explains. “I often squeeze paint directly on the canvas and just see what happens. Because the drive is so intense, I often finish a painting in one sitting.” Barb adds that painting for her is a form of meditation, escaping into another world, and letting that world emit through colors on the board.

Born in Bisbee, Arizona, Barb’s career has been laced with art. Upon completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art Education from Arizona State University, she taught art at Phoenix Union High School prior to moving to Grand Junction, Colorado where she became a partner in the Terrace Art Gallery and Frame Shop. In addition to ownership, Barb fed her desire to teach others through her instructed courses in painting.

Many pieces of her work are parts of private collections held in California, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado and Costa Rica. In addition to abstract forms, she has done several commissioned portraits. Even during a four-year voyage through the Caribbean on a 37’ sloop, Barb continued to work on her art, and she has since returned to it full-time. She makes her home in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

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