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David Berridge

“I want viewers to have more than a pleasing image to look at.
I want them to experience what I felt in the creation of the work.”

Bisbee artist David Berridge continues to accumulate awards and recognition:
David Berridge started his career as an artist 35 years ago while working on a cattle ranch in Northern Arizona. He would finish the days work on the ranch, settle down, put a cutting board on his lap and commence to drawing western art scenes.

“Folks seemed to be drawn to my work right from the get-go…” Dave says…”I remember when I took my first “real” pieces of artwork into Husberg’s Gallery in Sedona, Arizona 35 years ago, most of them (Dave’s art) ended up having a sold “red dot” on them before I left the gallery.”
“I was just a punk kid and didn’t realize what a big deal it was when the Favell Museum of Western Art purchased 3 of my pieces for permanent display as an example of “Fine American Western Art.”

A lot of time, galleries, shows and exhibitions have passed since then, but one thing remains the same, a great following and appreciation for David Berridge’s artwork. He now calls Bisbee Arizona his home and shows exclusively at the Belleza Fine Art Gallery (www.bellezagallery.org) in Bisbee.

David’s work these days is very reminiscent of the “Early California Impressionists.”

“My work has been generally regarded as “impressionist” in style for the past 20 years or so, but lately I think I’ve gone truly “turn of the past century” impressionist and I believe it is in no small part due to the inspiration of the tremendous 1906 Arts and Crafts masterpiece (the landmark Greenway House in Warren) that Karen (Dave’s wife of 38 years) and I are fortunate
enough to own. “Everywhere I look is inspiration….peoples hearts went into the work of their hands….which is what I’ve always wanted to do with my artwork.”

Apparently that is exactly what David is accomplishing…. Just recently a national publication, “the Artist’s magazine” ran a feature article on …”6 SMALL towns from coast to coast that are
BIG on art.” Bisbee Arizona was one of their picks and David Berridge’s painting “Tin Roof” was chosen to represent the area.

In June 0f 2005 the Oil Pastel Society, an international society had it’s 2005 show and competition. David’s piece “Shadow’d Grasses” was awarded first place and as published in the August, 2005 issue of “American Artist” magazine.

How does David feel about his art? “It’s what I do, and I believe it’s what I’m meant to do, and for that I’m very thankful. It is truly my “Great Therapy.” “It means the world to me for people to love my art. I have a great feeling of accomplishment.”

To see David’s work online visit www.bellezagallery.org

To see David’s work in person visit the Belleza Fine Art Gallery at 23 Main Street, Bisbee, Az. David is one of Belleza’s featured artists…..

“You always see art. It’s always in front of you.”

He’s been known to call himself a “cheesehead from Vancouver, B.C.” (that’s right, cheeseheads aren’t limited to Wisconsin). He obtained U.S. citizenship as a young adult and then joined the U.S. Air Force. He and his wife Karen have been traveling around the United States ever since.

Before his career as an artist took off, David worked on a cattle ranch near Sedona, Arizona. He was strongly influenced by Western life and the countryside and continued to draw in his free time. David says he was constantly goaded by family and friends to show his work somewhere. He finally took a handful of drawings to Alan Husberg’s Fine Art Gallery in Sedona. Husberg told him to go home and draw on better quality paper.

For the next ten years he exhibited realistic compositions of life on the ranch, including a series of limited edition wildlife prints. Then his work began to lose its challenge, David decided it was time to develop and expand his artwork in a new direction with a completely new medium, oil pastel.
David’s technique, generally regarded as “impressionist”, displays a keen sense of light and shadow. A brilliant palette and dramatic use of color characterize this difficult medium. A mark from an oil pastel stick is permanent. Because of its creamy properties, oil pastel is susceptible to overblending and can easily be overworked by the uninitiated. Unlike painting in oil or acrylic, there is no room for error.
David and his wife Karen enjoy gardening, wildlife, and the serenity of life in Bisbee, Arizona.

Selected List of Exhibitions and Representation

Berozkina Gallery, Kirkland, WA
History of the World Gallery, Camano Island, WA
E.A.F.A. 21st Annual Exhibition, Seattle, WA
Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland, WA
Island Artists International, Guemes Island, WA
Favell Museum of Western Art, Klamath Falls, OR
Husbergs Fine Art Gallery, Sedona, AZ
Quail Ridge Gallery, Sedona, AZ
Covington Fine Arts Gallery, Fort Worth, TX
Elk City Fine Arts Center, Elk City, OK
Clarkdale Art Museum, Clarkdale, AZ
Anderson Fine Arts Gallery, LaConner, WA
Northern Lights Gallery, Anchorage, AK


1989 BA Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology


1946, Vancouver, BC

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