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Kim Chesney

Kim Painter Chesney – Artist Statement

Traveling over the last several decades to artistically relevant cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nairobi, Athens, Rome and Mexico City have had a major influence on my love affair with mixed media encaustic. My work embodies a modern day connection to processes that been practiced for 1,000’s of years.

Around 100 AD, the Greeks and the Romans were the first to explore using beeswax to preserve and create art, now called “encaustic” meaning to burn in.

The exquisite parchments I use in my mixed-media pieces are fabricated in many countries like Thailand, Korea, China, Japan and Mexico. The fascinating techniques used to make many of them have been handed down for millenniums.

Daniella Woolf , encaustic guru, mirrors my personal sentiments about the glory of being a mixed-media artist:

“For a mixed-media artist, encaustic is a dream come true. All the media I have worked in come together in grand profusion with encaustic.”

The joy I feel when creating and sharing my art taps into my mental, physical and emotional well-being to almost euphoric proportions. The historical relevance resonates with me and my centuries old Italian heritage, connecting my heart to the beauty of art.

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