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William Spencer III

Beginning as a commercial illustrator in the years before 1982 Spencer gradually made the switch to fine art around 1989. During that first year in northern California his work debuted at the prestigious Crocker Kingsley Exhibit which was curated by a former director of the New York Whitney Museum of Modern Art and the work was subsequently displayed in the Oldest Art Museum west of the Mississippi: [The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA.]

At that time, William’s work was chosen out of over 800 California artists and the same year was also acknowledged by Sacramento Galleries with the “Rising Star Award” – an award offered once a year to upcoming artists from Northern California and selected by a consortium of the main Gallery participants in and around Sacramento. Since that time his work has appeared in various publications (listed) and numerous Galleries as well as juried shows such as the Sausalito Art Festival in addition to the Kingsley Exhibit. (The Kingsley Art Club is the oldest Art club in the West as well.)

Spencer also had a One Man Show at the Art Box Gallery in the Roppongi Art district of Tokyo, Japan. His work was featured at the time in Sacramento Magazines’ “BEST OF Sacramento” issue. A yearly issue where the Best of numerous categories from the area gets a featured article. (Art, restaurants, Philanthropists, etc.)

Spencer recently described his work: “I have recognized for many years that my work is mostly effective on some subconscious level to most people – including myself. This is one reason I am constantly discovering new things about my own work. One of the most important discoveries has been that if I use familiar images in ways I am not accustomed to seeing – the work will create subconscious associations. I know that Memory is triggered through nostalgia – even when I am unable to define it or understand why. I think this is an important and continually evolving aspect of my work.

It is also true that throughout my body of work, there has apparently been a continuous thread even when on the surface the varied works may appear to be dissimilar. My work has been termed dynamic for a long time. I think this is partly because of the strong edges, and the textured touchable surfaces in addition (often) to my use of bold color. Collectors have told me that something often seems familiar but aren’t able to exactly say why this is so.

I think that many important aspects of Human experience are somehow constructed of, or supported by the way our subconscious minds collect and visually process repeated form – even if that ‘form’ seems random. Not only Humans – but living things in general respond to repeated forms and recognize patterns on a deeply subconscious level. I think this is because form is associated with deep collective memory – and that this may be especially true when that form is repeated. If a work of art is stopped short of obvious explanation, then the imagination is permitted to take the viewer in an unaccustomed direction. If my work takes me in an unaccustomed direction I think the work will more likely carry a personal meaning for anyone who views it. It’s important to me that each person takes away their own meaning.

My works are predominantly Acrylic, sometimes Oil and an occasional encaustic stabilized beeswax on specially Plastered Eucalyptus Panels. Often included is Pencil work, sometimes Collage from manipulated photo work, Silk screen (either hand silk screened or Digital screening) and stenciling. I also use things like Windex and cold wax in the plaster. Each painting comes with special hangers.

Since 1991 William Spencer III has painted and sold over 1200 paintings and Belleza Gallery is responsible for sale of well over half of that number.

– W Spencer III

One Man Exhibits:

  • Horvath Bass Galleries – Sacramento
  • Medusa Gallery – Sacramento
  • William Spencer III Gallery – Sacramento
  • Art Box Gallery – Roppongi – Tokyo
  • San Ygancio Ltd. – Los Angeles Art
  • Expo Sausalito Art Festival – Sausalito, California
  • Kingsley Art Exhibition – Curated by Whitney Museum of Art Curator (at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento California – the oldest Art Museum west of the Mississippi.)

Current Exhibits:

  • Belleza Fine Art- Bisbee, AZ
  • Turquoise Tortoise – Sedona, AZ
  • Coopers Art Gallery – Carefree, AZ
  • Envision Gallery – Taos NM
  • LKG Contemporary –Scottsdale, AZ
  • Jane Hamilton Fine Art – Tucson, AZ
  • Manos Gallery, Tubac, AZ


  • Tucson Guide – Fall 2007 -[on The Cover]
  • Sunstorm Fine Arts – Southern CA
  • Art Expo Preview magazine
  • Décor – National Art Magazine
  • Sacramento – The ‘Best of the City’ issue
  • On The Wings- Sacramento Art review
  • LUXE magazine, Jan. 2015, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Bisbee Marquee- Bisbee, AZ
  • Phoenix Home and Garden, Feb. 2004
  • Diggs Magazine- Tucson, AZ Oct 2002
  • Arizona’s Gold – Hardback – 2006

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